Media names and types have changed.

The reasons for advertising are still the same. More visibility, more customers, more sales.


Gabby is an Online Marketing Service

Give Us a Click and We Do The Rest

What can Gabby do for you?

Increase Your
Business Visibility

Your competitors are doing everything they can to gain an edge over you.

Gabby will give you the edge

Your business will be visible when your website is the first one customers see when they search the services you offer.

Help You Make
More Sales

Be out there when potential customers are looking to buy.

Go where your customers are

Generate new leads, and be the first one to to put your foot in the door. Sell.

Help You Win Back Your One-Time Customers

Everyone sends newsletters these days, and for good reason: they work.

Don't be a stranger

Retaining a customer is more cost-effective than acquiring a new one. Be on their mind.

Easy Solutions

Click, and Gabby is at your service. Time, staff, technology resources and creative ideas – all at one place. Right from Westbrook, Maine, USA. No contracts required, hire Gabby hourly.


High Quality Work

Everything you ever dreamed about: high visibility on the Internet, creative and witty messages, and the latest marketing tools. Gabby speaks Social Media, Web Design and Email Marketing.


Happy  Customers

You really helped to put us on the map in so many ways, and because of that you have helped our business to “grow up”… ~ Jackie Lawrence,
ClanMacLaren Restaurant


Why People Look for Products Online

  • Selection

A wide range of local products available with just a few clicks – geography isn’t a concern anymore.

  • Convenience
No calling to set up an appointment, no driving to the store, no waiting in line, no opening hours to worry about.
    • Price
    People love a good deal. It is one of the main reasons people look for products online.


    Give Us a Click and We Do The Rest.

    The most common question Gabby gets from customers about internet marketing is: How can my business stand out on the Internet?